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On its 97th anniversary, Maysalun Battle in documentary exhibition
2017-07-24 17:03:33

Damascus,  On the occasion of the ninety-seventh anniversary of the battle of Maysalun, which falls on Monday, a documentary exhibition for researcher Bashar Manafikhi and a seminar entitled “Maysalun in the memory of the homeland” were held in Damascus.
This event was organized by Damascus Culture Directorate, in cooperation with Reviving the Arab Heritage Association and with the participation of a group of researchers who had written about this battle.

The exhibition included documented photographs, documents, books and manuscripts of the Battle of Maysalun and its leaders, officers, soldiers, women, doctors and volunteers from Syria and the Arab countries, in addition to maps, books, old and new magazines, and some commemorative stamps, ancient coins and documents written by the martyr Yusuf al-Azma and some French tanks that participated in the battle.

The Battle of Maysalun took place on July 24, 1920, where 3,000 Syrian Arab Army fighters and volunteers under the command of the war minister, Yusuf al-Azma, faced the French occupation army, which included 9,000 troops led by Henri Gouraud who were armed with planes, tanks and artillery. According to French statistics, the French army killed 42 people and wounded 154 others.


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