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Alef Noon Gallery hosts “Fifth Jadal” (Debate) exhibition 2017
2017-02-12 12:06:47

 Alef Noon Gallery hosts “Fifth Jadal” (Debate) exhibition 2017, showcasing the artifacts of Sculptor Ghazwan Allaf and Plastic Artist Jumaa al-Nazhan in an artistic humanitarian synthesis which relate stories about the Syrian people’s civilization, spiritual beauty and suffering due to the terrorist war waged on the country.

Sculptor Allaf presented 30 different-sized bronze and wooden sculptures including human portraits which reflect the duality of human nature, the male and female.

Other artifacts included various geometric shapes varied between rectangle and triangle with bushes to express hope symbolizing the values of martyrdom, resistance and adherence to the homeland.

The portraits capture the oppressive reality of humans fleeing death through a journey into exile, still there is optimism that the willingness of life and love will win.

Artist al-Nazhan exhibited 25 paintings using different techniques and colors . The paintings depicted the nature of his city Deir Ezzor, the Euphrates valley, al-Badia environment, the memories of its houses, the siege imposed by the ISIS terrorists and the confused feelings of astonishment, shock and hope .

Director and owner of Alef Noon Gallery, Badie Jahjah said that the exhibition stemmed its topics from the war and tragedy suffered by the Syrian people, yet there are open doors from which light is shining.

Jahjah added that the Gallery aimed at supporting the Syrian art through hosting and bringing together artists from different Syrian provinces and help them document their achievements throughout their lives.

For her part, Presidential Political and Media Adviser Bouthaina Shaaban stressed that the organization of such events and exhibitions reassures those who care about Syria and its future that the country is safe as long as it has such creative artists who have faith in life.

Culture Minister Mohammad al-Ahmad said that the artifacts are transparent and take the visitors on a journey into fantastic worlds.


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