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Technobuild 4 expo for construction technologies kicks off with the participation of 45 companies
2017-05-15 17:56:30

Damascus, The 4th Technobuild expo for construction technology, organized by the Syria International Marketing Association (SIMA) in cooperation with the Public Works and Housing Ministry, kicked off on Monday at Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus, with the participation of 45 companies.

The expo has a program which focuses on real-estate development, reinvestment, fire suppression systems, economic feasibility of recycling, production of quick construction molds, testing of lighting systems, solar power systems, and high-tension power lines, among other fields.

The expo also hosts a program titled “Syrian Investing Child” sponsored by SIMA in cooperation with Al-Baath Vanguards organization for introducing children to future career prospects.

Public Works and Housing Minister Hussein Arnous told journalists that this expo showcases the latest in building technology which Syria needs to rebuild what the terrorists destroyed, adding that such expos provide avenues for showcasing products and informing engineers and students about available technologies.

Arnous said that a number of Lebanese companies are participating in the expo and presenting new modern technologies that have never been available to contractors before.

In turn, SIMA Director-General Muwaffaq Tayyara said that 45 companies including 15 from Lebanon are participating in the expo, and that these companies’ participation signals their readiness for the reconstruction stage, noting that each iteration of the expo sees around 40% growth in the number of new participants.


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