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Russian Foreign Ministry again warns Washington against using military force against Syrian forces
2017-06-19 13:54:09

 The downing of a Syrian warplane in Raqqa countryside by the US-led international coalition is a new step towards dangerous escalation, Russian Foreign Ministry said Monday, warning Washington again against using military force against Syrian forces.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov expressed his country’s concern and annoyance over downing the Syrian jet.

“We received with concern and annoyance the news of targeting a Syrian warplane and downing it,” Ryabkov said, adding: ” The direct attack against a Syrian governmental warplane is considered a
new step towards dangerous escalation.”

He warned Washington against repeating such acts.

On Sunday, the Army general command announced that the air force of the so-called “international coalition” targeted one of the army’s warplanes in al-Rasafah region in Raqqa southern countryside while it was carrying out a combatant mission
against ISIS terrorist organization, causing it to down and missing its pilot.

The General command said in a statement that the flagrant aggression undoubtedly affirms the US real stance in support of terrorism which aims to affect the capability of the Syrian Arab army- the only active force- along with its allies that practice its legitimate right in combating terrorism all over Syria.


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