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Damascus Countryside Governor: Preliminary agreement reached with armed groups’ leaders to exit Wadi Barada area
2017-01-11 14:47:18

 Damascus Countryside Governor Ala’a Ibrhaim said in a special statement to SANA that a preliminary agreement was reached with the leaders of armed groups in Wadi Barada area by which the legal status of some militants would be resolved while the rest would leave the area and head to Idleb countryside.

The governor said they preliminary agreement stipulates for militants to hand over their heavy weaponry, for militants who are not originally from Wadi Barada to leave the area, and for Syrian Arab Army units to enter the area to clear it of landmines and explosive devices in preparation for sending repair and maintenance teams to al-Figeh spring to repair the damage caused to water pumps and pipelines caused by terrorist attacks.

Ibrhaim said that armed groups’ leaders are working to pressure militants who are not from the area to leave, and that the feasibility of applying this agreement will become clear within the next few hours.

He added that work is currently underway to resolve the legal status of many militants from the villages of Wadi Barada, including Deir Qanoun, Deir Maqran, and Kfir al-Zait after they raised the Syrian flag in these villages.


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