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DSE Monday session closes at 2238.32 points
2017-01-30 17:56:33

The Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE) Monday session closed with transactions of 116,697 stocks in 90 deals, with an overall value of SYP 28.15 million, with the DSE closing at 2238.32 points and marking an increase of 55.11 points.

The stocks of Syria International Islamic Bank closed at SYP 332.77, marking an increase of 4.88%.

The stocks of Qatar National Bank closed at SYP 344.72, marking an increase of 4.97%.

The stocks of Cham bank closed at SYP 348.5, marking an increase of 4.98%.

The stocks of International Bank for Trade and Finance closed at SYP 263.5, marking an increase of 4.98%.

The stocks of Jordan bank closed at SYP 213.25, marking an increase of 4.92%.

The stocks of Fransbank closed at SYP 201, marking an increase of 4.96%.

The stocks of Al-Aqeelah Takaful Insurance Company closed at SYP 170.25, marking an increase of 4.96%.

The stocks of Syria and Gulf Bank closed at SYP 114.25, marking a decrease of 1.93%.

The stocks of Al-Ahliya Company for Vegetable Oil, Baraka Bank and al-Arabi Bank closed at the same prices of the previous session.


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